Catholic Social Teaching: A Bibliography of Primary Sources

Submitted by David A. Smither on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 12:00
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The following bibliography is intended to be a more-or-less "complete" reference list of the Magisterial literature of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, otherwise known as “Catholic Social Teaching”, or “CST”. To my knowledge, there is no authoritative "canon" of CST, however there is broad agreement as to the most significant texts among commentators.

What follows is my own attempt--as a layman of the Catholic Church, with no authority or faculties, but in faith and goodwill--to compile a reference list of relevant texts for myself, for scholars of CST, and for "all People of Good Will," as the holy father St. John Paul II put it in his encyclicals. The bibliography is comprised solely of “primary source” documents of CST, arranged chronologically.

Nota bene: This bibliography is still under construction, and will be frequently updated. If you believe I have omitted any important Magisterial documents, or if you believe any of the following ought not to be included in such a bibliography, please contact me with your comments and rationale.



Catholic Social Teaching: A Bibliography of Primary Sources